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 Welcome to the official website for author Shane Maddon. Author of Prelude to Destiny, A Texan Summer, Residence of Darkness, So you want to write a fantasy novel and many other books. Due to publication issues these books are no longer in print. Updates on republication will appear in the near-future.

You may also purchase the original oil paintings that are done by Shane Maddon himself. 


Recent Paintings

April 1st.

"Feeling Foxy"

Basically my first wildlife picture ever painted.





DEC. 30th

"Crashing at Midnight"


"This was just a fun picture I did in about twenty minutes, It was just a whimsical little night-time ocean scene."



 DEC. 28th

THE English Cottage


 "This fun little painting is inspired by Thomas Kinkade. It is a stone cottage with a thatch roof and plenty of cute little flowers." 


Nov. 17th 2010




  18X24 , Barn and Waterfall. A picure I really enjoyed painting. A tranquil forest with an old barn,waterfall,stone bridge,snowy mountain and lots of cute details.




 Want to help support Shane Maddon but do not wish to purchase anything? You can make a donation to him by clicking the button below. All proceeds go to help fund the paintings. Donate any amount you would like.



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