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What will you believe in?

                            Classes and one on one instruction.




Have you ever wanted to learn how to oil paint, but didn't think you had

 the skill or time? Well I am here to prove to you that anybody, with

 the propper attitude and a little instruction, can learn to create

 beautiful works of art. Have you ever gone in to an art store to buy

 basic supplies so you can teach yourself? It is overwhelming, isn't it?

 Art stores sell hundreds of products from hundreds of companies and

 there are endless choices. They are not interested in people

 purchasing the correct supplies for the specific work they are

 intending to do,they are interested in sales. Avoid all the confusion and

 learn the correct method of developing your personal style and how to

 avoid  beginner mistakes.





 I have been painting for many years and only recently did I  begin

commercializing my art to the public and begin teaching and selling my

 art. I love painting so much and I enjoy showing people just how easy it

 is to create mountains, trees, beautiful sunsets on the ocean and more.



 Through my course you will learn.

About your brushes

  • What are the differences between all the paint-brushes in the art stores.
  • What brushes you should never buy.
  • Answers to questions like, "What is the best brush to use?"
  • When to use bristle brushes and when to use soft hair brushes.
  • What is a good starting set of brushes to buy.
  • How to properly clean your brushes.
  • How to use the right brushes to take brush marks out of your painting. 

About your palette

  • How to make sure your palette isn’t making things harder for you.
  • What is the right palette for you?
  • What color palette you should use and why this is of the utmost importance!
  • Explanations about how I use my palettes to make things easier for me. 

About Oil Paint in tubes.

  • How to NOT get confused when looking at all the paint tubes in an art supply store.
  • Understanding exactly how oil paint is made.
  • What is the difference in student grade and artist grade oil paint.
  • Why do paints from different companies, with the same names, look like different colors?

About mediums

  • How to mix your own medium for the effect you want. 
  • Example of why I use the medium I do.
  • What are good pre-mixed mediums that are sold in art supply stores? 
  • What are the good and bad qualities of the oils, varnishes, etc. that you can buy. 
  • What turpentine must be used for, and when can you use an odorless substitute. 
  • What medium should you use? 

If you would like to learn more about how you can learn to paint and

 make $$ by selling them, please send me a email.